General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability: Coverage pertaining to claims arising out of the insured's liability for injuries or damages caused to ownership of property, manufacturing operations, contracting operations, sale or distribution of products and the operating of machines as well as professional services. Based on premises & operations liability with Truckmen endorsement for portability of liability due to truckmen unique exposures.

Who should carry this coverage?

The trucking company having FHWA (ICC) Authority.

Did you know?

Please read the following carefully. As a trucker you may have exposure for which you could be liable that is not covered under your auto liability policy. Following are some examples:

  • Salespeople on your premises - what they say and do.

  • Loading and unloading before it is picked up and after it is unloaded and while mechanically moved by a forklift. Loading and unloading by a hand truck or a tractor/trailer attached boom/winch is covered under the auto form.

  • Erroneous delivery of products, including liquids. Delivery of products damaged in shipment that cause damages after delivery.

  • Libel and slander exposures. Writing or saying something injurious. Example: remarks made about an employee during a credit reference check. For coverage to apply to the person originating the comments, the information can not knowingly be false or in willful violation of the law.

  • Taking in outside repair or performing owner/operator repair. Helping a disabled trucker fix his brakes, gratis, which fail later.

  • Selling an extra tire or parts to another trucker - defense costs.

  • Bodily Injury resulting from using self defense to protect persons or property.

  • 'Guard dog', any size, used to protect business property. Example: your dog, riding along in your truck, bites someone.

  • Furnishing free beer at a Christmas party or after a safety meeting. Employee drives home drunk and hits a school bus.

  • Insured rents a motel room while getting truck repaired, goes to sleep smoking (or leaves battery charger on) and burns down room. Fire legal for room - Other general liability for damage to motel.

  • These are just a few examples. There are more coverages that fall under a Commercial General Liability policy.

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