Primary Trucking Liability Insurance

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Provides protection against legal liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of any insured automobile. The insuring agreement agrees to pay damages for bodily injury or property damage for which the insured is legally responsible because of an automobile accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance, or use of a covered auto. The insuring agreement also states that in addition to the payment of damages for which the insured is legally liable for, the insurer also agrees to defend the insured for all legal defense cost. The defense cost is in addition to the policy limits. Primary Liability Insurance coverage protects you from damage or injuries to other people as a result of a truck accident. This coverage is mandated by state and federal agencies and proof of coverage is required to be sent to them. Pricing is dependent on region, driving records, and history of the trucking operation.

Who Should Carry This Coverage? The trucking company having FHWA (ICC) Authority.

Optional Coverages Liability Insurance

Uninsured Motorist: This insuring agreement pays for bodily injury to an insured who is injured by and uninsured motorist, a hit-and-run driver, or a driver whose insurer becomes insolvent. These benefits are paid under the named insured's policy.

Underinsured Motorists: This coverage is added to supplement the Uninsured Motorist Coverage. The coverage applies only when the other driver has liability limits at the time of an accident, but the liability limits carried may be insufficient to pay for damages for which the driver is responsible. This is when the insured's Underinsured Motorist Coverage would apply and payment for the difference could be made. The tow coverages are mutually exclusive and do not overlap or duplicate each other.

Medical Payments: The insuring agreement states that the insurer will pay all reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses incurred by an insured because of bodily injury caused by an accident. These payments are made without regard to fault.

Hired Auto Liability: Coverage is provided only for autos leased, hired, rented or borrowed for use in the named insured's business.

Non-Owned Auto Liability: Coverage is provided only for auto not owned, leased, hired, or borrowed by the named insured.

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